What Teenagers Really Need From Church

A Conversation With Kenda Creasy Dean
Kenda explores some key questions around young people and faith, answering questions such as:
* What do teenagers respond to in their youth pastors or other church leaders?
* What are some of the big turnoffs for teens when it comes to church and youth group? …. What makes their eyes glaze over?
* What do you see some churches doing well?
Have a read here, ht to Ben
Oh and whilst I am bigging up the stuff Ben has unearthed he also found Kenda’s list, What Are the Top 10 Characteristics of a Healthy Youth Ministry?

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  1. I am not a youth pastor but a Sr. Pastor and what I feel is missing is often being completely transparent and not appearing above the “fracas”. Being young themselves is often an advantage too. Nice topic. Very important questions.

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