New media

The department day on engaging with ‘new media’ yesterday turned out to be really valuable in terms of the conversations it has generated on the impact and opportunities of new media.
Given the range of engagement with new media represented in the room, from zero to ubergeek, it was always going to a tough call on the training front. Even more given that the wireless signal was digital in two senses, the annoying one being that sometimes it was ‘on’ and sometimes if was ‘off’ But we actually had a lot of fun and it’s real benefit was in terms of relationship and in terms of the thinking and discussion that was generated.
(Plus any event where being on-line is a pre-requisite, has to be good)
The only negative I can see is that I can’t get “United breaks Guitars” out of my head

I’d read about it but never actually seen it. Having watched it as an illustration of the democracy and power of the internet it’s now firmly planted in my head, and is now my hum of choice (replacing ‘Ben’ by Michael Jackson colleagues will be relieved to know).
Our biggest debates though were around:

  • Communicating as ‘role’ or ‘organisation as opposed to being out there as ‘you!’
  • Trivia vs Serious content
  • Investment of time vs potential returns (and even, saving of time)

I was musing with a colleague on the triviality that drives so much of what’s ‘out there’ whilst acknowledging that it’s at the heart of the fun, connection and relationship. It did occur to me that the big leaps in ‘adoption’ have often been driven by the trivial, so for example. The legendary internet coffee pot opened people eyes to possibilities, whilst events like the Frylift incident took Twitter into more mainstream consciousness, and hence wider use.
I’m left thinking about the importance of the seemingly trivial … and the markers these events can become. Not limited to our current age either, I’m sure Newton had better more scientific things to be doing than lounging around in an Orchard.
*singing* …… “united breaks guitars”