The Pursuit of a Proflex

I’m still on a major nostalgia fest and trying to track down the Proflex 4000 I used to ride way back in the 90’s.
I had an e-mail from a really nice bloke in Lancashire who had one but over the years it had lost the Girvin forks and the comparable componentry. Last night I came within £5 and 2 seconds of snagging the model before the 1998 4000 (the Proflex 857) on the e-bay, darn! (It was my first time in a bidding war on e-bay and I couldn’t type/respond fast enough. Interestingly though I reckon the bike would have gone for at least £75 more if the owner had put it on Preloved)
Google alerts brings me news most days of Proflexes, but they’re mainly in the States. Mind you for this one maybe I should head out there.
k2 proflex carbon beaut.jpg

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