Nice bodywork

charlie reg.jpg
I went to visit Charlie Van at the ‘Hospital’ today and he’s looking good. The windows are all out, the rust is treated and the replacement sections welded in, the doors, bumpers, windows and bonnet are all neatly stacked and treated. Almost ready to go to the paint shop.
I dropped up a couple of new number plates. No, they aren’t really personalised Number Plates. But his great online shop allowed me to design the plates around the actual ‘J’ reg pate it is adding the VW logo …. and have in small lettering under the registration, “A tribe called Macdonald
charlie sans doors.jpg
Charlie also has a new sun canopy! I saw some rather nice ones on line BUT have managed instead to make one for £8.99 thanks to a great trick from this web site. I’ve got some salvaged poles to which I have added a rather funky shower curtain (£3.99) and a packet of rare earth magnets (£5). Job done 🙂