Lent ‘In’ and ‘Out’

We enjoyed pancakes as a family last night and then read the account of Jesus in the wilderness. It’s been an interesting conversation about what we are giving up (and why) and what we are embracing for Lent. Interestingly my youngest son, S seems to have adopted the most radical approach with sweets and ‘games on the computer’ on hold until Easter.
I’m trying to eat more simply, waving goodbye to cakes … whilst only eating at meal times, to have more of a balance and rhythm to food and the day.
Jo and I are reading “Barefoot Disciple” as a kind of Lenten study.
Quite a few of my bretherin and sisterin are abstaining from Facebook which i think is a great idea …. toyed with it myself but quite a few young people and young adults communicate only through this and I’m not sure I can get Yellow Braces and Mend the Gap together without FB. Other people’s example though will challenge me on when and how I use FB over the next 6 weeks me thinks.
Other stuff that’s around:

The Love Life, Live Lent initiative is up and running again
Roots have produce a Lent Calender
Dave Walker’s visual summary of Lent
The Image at the start of the post is from an excellent piece by Tim Hyde at Living Open Source, well worth a read …
“So give up chocolate by all means, but it is what you do while you are not eating chocolate that will probably make a bigger impact on your life”
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