History and Future

I really enjoyed the session with the youth group on ‘history and future’ (thanks for the two brilliant comments that I eventually found in a sea of 7000 spam comments, Grrr)
In the end I started of the session with a relay race and we talked about the baton of faith (and hence what it meant to be church) being passed from one generation to the next. Talking about the responsibility of the giver and the receiver in this metaphor.
We then chatted through how our faith, church, denomination is built on ‘human reason,’ ‘The Bible’ and ‘Christian tradition’ … and the interplay of these.
Having set the scene we brainstormed the questions and ‘stuff’ that it would be good to explore. Some great stuff emerged from this and it was obvious I was going to have to ditch the idea I had had of using some massive Jigsaw pieces to build a picture of church for this generation, and look instead at Church history.
A quick scoot around for something to use produced a marker pen and a roll of toilet paper.
Thus we made a map of the history of the church, the significant points and the various denominational turnings all out of toilet paper. It provided a great visual, looking at how our faith heritage has been shaped for the good and the bad, and linked all Christianity back to the Cross and the Apostles. I was thrilled with how engaged the guys were and the ‘stuff’ it raised and illustrated across the whole timeline of post resurrection Christianity.
(Tried to track down some video of relay races where the giver fumbles the baton or has it in the wrong hand, and what I think was an Olympic race where the receiver was looking at the big screen and missed the fact that he needed to be ready to receive. If you have any links then it would be fab to have them alongside this outline)