2 Replies to “History and Future”

  1. I hope it would cover a good section of our history, not ending with the death of the apostles and starting up again with the Reformation. I think it would be useful to look at how God’s grace has again and again overcome human pride and sin, and how the Spirit has brought reconciliation where there had previously been conflicts.

  2. Ooooh exciting!
    Er – good starting point might be Archbishop Rowan Williams’ Why study the past.
    Might be worth doing a timeline of significant events in church history – and what they want the future significant events to be.
    Good opportunity to look at the Creed too and what they believe – and if you’re brave the “what would you write as a creed?” question.
    Important also to think of the wider Anglican communion and our partners around the world.
    perhaps also looking at the whole issue of the parish system and its comprehensive coverage of the country and all its people – distinct from other churches.
    That and something about their local history – local saints?
    oooh it sounds such fun!
    history AND young people… how much better can you get!?

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