Average premiums! Is that just mean?

I can’t quite get my head around the European Court ruling on gender and Insurance! I know we are used to some fairly bonkers legaslative impositions from the mainland involving the agreed European standard shape of fruit and the like, but this really takes the biscuit.
So, life insurance can no longer take into account that women live longer, whilst driving insurance cannot take into account that women have fewer (and less expensive) accidents. I’m not sure it’s a ruling in line with gender equality at all, I’m sure it’s a ruling against statistics though.
It is hard to see, logically, how the European court could not follow on from what they see as genderist pricing, with a ruling on ageist pricing. That is that drivers should not be charge a premium for being statistically more likely to have an accident, whilst a reduction is given to those who are a less expensive ‘risk’.
I am wondering too whether I can expect a reduction on my car insurance, given that I pay extra because of the estate I live on (surely this is blatant geographyism)
Anyway, I’m not a lawyer so may be missing a key piece of understanding in the European Courts’ rejection of statistics.