Wanted K2 Proflex 4000

Forgive the re-posting but I want to keep my search for a k2 Proflex 4000 Mountain bike riding high with the search engines.
I’ve had a couple of responses so far which is encouraging. Sadly one was the wrong side of the pond, the other is a possible but I suspect it is not an ‘L’ which is the size I am after.
Here’s a pic’ of the bike I loved and lost (and now want back again)
search for K2 smartshock.jpg
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8 Replies to “Wanted K2 Proflex 4000”

  1. Thanks for the comment.
    Re price, Depends on condition really.
    I’m just watching one in the States on ebay which is in absolutely perfect condition and looks like going for anround equivelant of
    £400- £450
    If you have one to sell, and it is frame size, L (and you are in the UK?)
    …… and you are interested send me some pictures.

  2. Hello,
    Just bought a proflex K2 5000 frame and fork in perfect condition no scratches or anything like it’s never been rode. 3 days later I have it done and ready to ride. always loved riding with the girvin fork, had one on my cannonade. didn’t buy it to sell it but you never know.

  3. Steve,
    That sounds fab. I still believe the proflex and girvin to be a world beating design but I have struggled to find one in 100% working order.
    Now settled for a really nice current crop hard tail
    (but still dream about a shop finding a box with an unopened 4000 still in it from back in the day)

  4. I have one that is in excellent condition and for sale, /new/ been in spare room since death of family member…would love to sell to the right person…I can send pics

  5. Hi, I have this exact bike in mint condition, just services and greased.
    No real use, still on original tyres… smart shock on the front, regular one on the back, although i have just bought a manatou swinger spv 3 shock to put on the back end but have not done it yet.
    I have always fancied a whyte prst1 so if the price is right, perhaps we could do something

  6. I have a 3000 frame here that needs too go!
    It has the usual scrapes and scratches but no dents.
    The bush is solid for the carbon swing arm.
    It has truvantiv howitzer crank.
    And some marzzochi 140mm bombers.
    Give me a shout if its any good too you.

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