Van cam plan and freak leak seek

Charlie van Bus is in the garage for an operation to deal with some incontinence issues, well what can you say, it is an old van. And whilst my beloved Vdub is hooked up to a 15W40 drip, the surgeon will also be changing the Cambelt, fitting a new Exhaust and replacing the brake pipes.
When I mused the purchasing of a 19 year old Vdub camper some people said it was a stupid idea, and some people said, “Go for it, it’ll be fab!” I thought I’d take the chance to say that both factions were right.
bus small.jpg
Life at 60mph with a cup of tea permanently accessible. An old van and an old man in perfect harmony.
Captains Log Supplemental: The Camping Gaz mobile is still only partially working as I have not been able to get the Injectors replaced. The warranty company maintain that they are not covered … and even though they are not on the ‘excluded’ list, they say but they are not on the ‘included’ list. (I’m putting in a complaint about this grey area where an item is neither included or excluded). The car is however running ok on petrol but the price is a BIT of a shock.