The was the weekend that was

Well I’ve just turned 44 and I think am unarguably in the ‘veteran youth worker’ camp, or maybe just ‘veteran!’ I toasted the occasion with a glass of Welsh single malt whisky (yes you read that correctly and very good it was too, akin to a good Speyside).
Adding to the birthday conviviality was a literary present of epic wonderfulness, The Complete Calvin and Hobbes! Happy days
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On Saturday night we held a multi media quiz evening to raise funds for my daughter World Challenge trip (part of the challenge is she has to raise the money) which is trekking in the High Atlas Mountains this May. Friends helped us make desserts and set everything up, and it proved to be an excellent evening. All told the event took £380 and she is now only £70 short of the fees required. (In March she is abseiling down the Avon Gorge as her final fundraiser).
Oh and the van is back on the road and sporting a new exhaust, shiny copper brake pipes and various other fettles and repairs.

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  1. Ah, Penderyn. We have a bottle of the Maderia (?)Whisky and their take on Baileys – Merlyn. Rather scrummy!
    Happy (belated) Birthday you veteran!!

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