Mobile innovation and positive deviance

The Miz Meister put me onto Mobile Youth sometime ago and it is a fascinating source of information for trend and culture watchers. They sent out a link to this Youth Mobile Age report the other day, and fascinating reading it is too.
It explores trends among mobile use and explores how young people (and also ‘developing world’ users) are the real innovators and drivers of mobile possibilities.
“We are missing out on innovation and ideas happening all around us…
from how youth use Bluetooth to how they’re developing their own conference calling services.
We’re missing out because we think innovation comes from people with the word “innovation” in their job title”

creative renaiisance.jpg
It’s well worth a read. I’m also very interested in the idea of “Positive deviance” that is flagged up in the report, young people subverting things for the good.
“Everywhere there are young people trying to break, corrupt, bypass, tunnel under
or mutate your product. Is this a threat? To most it is and they build walls to protect the brand. But for savvier brands this experimentation is the most effective form of product development Embrace Positive Deviance”

Positive deviance could be a great lense for looking at Discipleship. We need to equip young people for faith in a world that doesn’t yet exist … and is beyond our experience.
Could positive deviance help us to think in terms of how young people might live, interpret and share the historic faith of Jesus in ways we cannot grasp, and to engage with scripture outside of the narrow modernity-framed interpretive matrix we, the current church, are locked into.