Leadership qualities, traits and practices

Chris recently posed the question, “What is the number one quality that makes someone a good leader?”
I struggled to contribute a comment but then realised it was because I didn’t think it was possible to identify just one. By way of example, I would reckon that ‘humility’ is a key quality for great leadership but in the absence of any other ability, leadership would not necessarily follow. This set off a whole train of thought on attributes for leadership. I’m very interested in Jim Collins work from “Good to Great” who looked at a range of very different but highly successful leaders. The common thread that he found was ‘humility’ but my reading is that another key factor was leaders whose leadership was entirely consistent with who that person was i.e authenticity of character, personality and values. (This would also be consistent with True North by Bill George and leading from an owned value base).
I then got to communication skills, both in the communicating the problem/challenge; and then in the communication and embedding of vision and resultant change/practice.
(The ‘state of the union‘ from the Nokia Chief Exec certainly lays out the former, I’ll be very interested in his shape for the latter).
I reckon in a part b) to communication I’d add ’emotional intelligence’
I’m still working on my list of qualities and attributes but so I can find it again, this list that Alistair Campbell recently came out with for key leadership practices is well worth flagging up (ht to Bishop Alan) for some of the wisdom therein:
Clarity of objective and strategy. Only then go tactical.
The best team leaders are the best team players
Staying calm in a crisis. Listen but lead, not listen and lead
Patience. Take your time if you have to.
Set the media agenda. Don’t let them set it for you.
Get your head above the parapet when the s***t’s flying
Encourage enterprise and ideas at all levels of your organisation in a non-blame culture.

Anyway, enough of what I think
Leadership qualities! What’s on your list?