Basketball, Evangelism and Great Food

On Saturday afternoon I went to a great event in Abingdon that was organised by the ‘Peachcroft Christian Centre’ and their Youth Pastor, lawrance.
It was an area wide Basketball competition for young people … and a kind of Christian celebration/evangelistic event. It was mad (in the best sense) and wonderful …. with a mix of cultures, ages, and sporting abilities. It’s hard to do justice to an event that had professional refereeing, great food and hospitality, worship and fun … but it felt like a Kingdom occasion.
bball abingdon.jpg
One of my favourite moments was a between-match bit of malarky where there was a kind of Morris Dancing vs Bhangra dancing dance-off. Hilarious and great fun.
A real Kingdom Afternoon and a joy to see so many young people from church and non church backgrounds, from Asian and English cultures playing Basketball and having fun at an occasion that was unashamedly Christian and a brilliant piece of multi cultural community.

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  1. All the Glory be to GOD !!!
    God gave this vision and accomplished it and Ian you had great role to play in this vision.
    We pray to the Lord to make this as an Annual event in Abingdon , where all the youth clubs, bussiness, churches and local authorities get together to have Fun and share there faith in Lord Jesus Christ . Halleluyah
    Praise the Lord.
    Lawrance Shama ” Lucky”

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