Basketball, Evangelism and Great Food

On Saturday afternoon I went to a great event in Abingdon that was organised by the ‘Peachcroft Christian Centre’ and their Youth Pastor, lawrance.
It was an area wide Basketball competition for young people … and a kind of Christian celebration/evangelistic event. It was mad (in the best sense) and wonderful …. with a mix of cultures, ages, and sporting abilities. It’s hard to do justice to an event that had professional refereeing, great food and hospitality, worship and fun … but it felt like a Kingdom occasion.
bball abingdon.jpg
One of my favourite moments was a between-match bit of malarky where there was a kind of Morris Dancing vs Bhangra dancing dance-off. Hilarious and great fun.
A real Kingdom Afternoon and a joy to see so many young people from church and non church backgrounds, from Asian and English cultures playing Basketball and having fun at an occasion that was unashamedly Christian and a brilliant piece of multi cultural community.

Wanted K2 Proflex 4000

Forgive the re-posting but I want to keep my search for a k2 Proflex 4000 Mountain bike riding high with the search engines.
I’ve had a couple of responses so far which is encouraging. Sadly one was the wrong side of the pond, the other is a possible but I suspect it is not an ‘L’ which is the size I am after.
Here’s a pic’ of the bike I loved and lost (and now want back again)
search for K2 smartshock.jpg
e-mail link to me on side bar or [youthblog at g maildot com]

It’s the preserve of the Spammer

Some of the blog spam comments are quite amusing. I particularly enjoyed this one:
creo sub 200.jpg“Wow! This could be one particular of the most beneficial blogs We have ever arrive across on this subject. Basically Wonderful. I’m also a specialist in this topic so I can understand your hard work”
It particularly amused me as it was attached to one of my posts on Creosote, from when I was mucking around with being a Pioneer in the Emerging Shed movement. So to ‘Mr 243’ you may be interested, as a fellow expert, that today I bought some decking treatment, choosing a wax based alternative to a oil based product within our Creosotic specialism.
Oh and thanks to everyone, who is not a spammer, who submitted a test comment to check the efficacy of the ungraded filter. Much appreciated.

Mobile innovation and positive deviance

The Miz Meister put me onto Mobile Youth sometime ago and it is a fascinating source of information for trend and culture watchers. They sent out a link to this Youth Mobile Age report the other day, and fascinating reading it is too.
It explores trends among mobile use and explores how young people (and also ‘developing world’ users) are the real innovators and drivers of mobile possibilities.
“We are missing out on innovation and ideas happening all around us…
from how youth use Bluetooth to how they’re developing their own conference calling services.
We’re missing out because we think innovation comes from people with the word “innovation” in their job title”

creative renaiisance.jpg
It’s well worth a read. I’m also very interested in the idea of “Positive deviance” that is flagged up in the report, young people subverting things for the good.
“Everywhere there are young people trying to break, corrupt, bypass, tunnel under
or mutate your product. Is this a threat? To most it is and they build walls to protect the brand. But for savvier brands this experimentation is the most effective form of product development Embrace Positive Deviance”

Positive deviance could be a great lense for looking at Discipleship. We need to equip young people for faith in a world that doesn’t yet exist … and is beyond our experience.
Could positive deviance help us to think in terms of how young people might live, interpret and share the historic faith of Jesus in ways we cannot grasp, and to engage with scripture outside of the narrow modernity-framed interpretive matrix we, the current church, are locked into.

Wanted Proflex 4000

I’m looking for a second hand K2 Proflex 4000 Mountain bike circa approx 1998 size L
(This is not aimed at the regular blog reader(s), it’s here ‘cos the blog hooks up well with the search engines).
E-mail me via the address on the side bar or on [youthblog ‘at’ g maildot com] if you pick this up on google and have said piece of hardware sitting in your garage,

Life is too short

Below are a couple of examples from a brilliant advertising campaign in Germany. The company placed highly detailed pictures on the outside of vending kiosks and the like creating a mythical internal employment opportunity. The caption reading, “Life is too short to be in the wrong job”
life too short scanner 400.jpg
life too short kid truck.jpg
You can find the rest of them here.
and whilst we are talking about life being short: I was reminded of this X box advert when I saw it on the Tomorrow Today web site:

Spam (a lot)

My blogging energy is going into an epic battle with a Spambot of Moriarty like genius and connections. Over a thousand comments have made it past the Spam filter in the last 2 days even though I have its’ setting dialled up to ‘maximum aggression!’ Frustratingly too the attack is across all the posts from the last 6 years so I can’t isolate the target posts. ‘Moveable Type’ doesn’t seem to be learning either even though there is some levels of repetition in the spam text.
So in summary AAArrrghghghghghhghhghghhg
Oh and if you do comment please please check it has appeared on the blog and that the spam filter hasn’t nobbled it (If you let me know I can retrieve it).