New definition of frustration

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My beloved Camping Gaz powered Vauxhall Astra has broken down and has been out of commission for a week whilst two different Garages have tried to diagnose where the problem is. The main dealer failed, but the brilliant independent Vauxhall Garage at Bicester have tracked the fault down to the number one LPG injector.
Good news: A diagnosis
Bad news: Injectors cannot be bough individually so I have to buy the full set meaning a total repair bill of £1042
Good News: I thankfully renew and pay for the warranty every year with ‘Recall Direct’
REALLY bad news: Recall Direct say that they don’t cover Injectors!
I’ve had a conversation with them and they say it is not listed as a covered part therefore no claim. I have tried to point out that if they had bought Buildings insurance which left out a room and certain walls and your claim was invalidated because the problem occured in that room, you’d feel quite cheated. My logic is without effect though and I either scrap the car or pay the repair. AAAAArrrghghghgh
My new definition of frustrating!

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  1. I’m pretty sure it should be covered under the Fule System section (I clicked the link):
    Or did I miss something. I appreciate it’s not a petrol/diesel car, but still, they would know it’s an LPG when you took out the policy. If not then they should refund everything paid, as you can couldn’t be covered properly, because it’s LPG!
    imho, obviously 😉

  2. Thanks Si,
    sadly the pump is not the injector but I’m not sure its reasonable for a non mechanic to have read the entire list of components covered and realised that there were expensive ones that weren’t but were not in the exceptions.
    I also note from their web site they offer complete protection which I’m going to argue needs to mean complete.
    “Warranty Direct offers you complete protection. You can be secure in the knowledge that we will be handling your claims and that our flexible payment plans also make budgeting easy”

  3. Not what you need to hear though is it?! Cars are great…until they go wrong, then warranties become any way to get out of paying…I think it’s time to get that road bike out again!

  4. Wise indeed Si but much as I love cycling comping back from Milton Keynes on a foggy wet night to Newbury may not be all that much fun.
    Shalom my friend
    Hey, loved the picture on FB

  5. to be fair I only said that as I need to get my own bike (literally!) & that picture was taken at the home of some other ex-CYM students Hannah & Mark Vicarage 😀

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