It’s a question of metaphor

A goodly number of readers of this blog (Hi both) know my son H and therefore enjoy stories of his adventures in Go-Karting, Church and Life. Anyway, I thought I’d add a tendency he has into the stories that make up the blog.
Whether it’s because of his disability or not I’m not sure, but he doesn’t grasp metaphor or simile at all. With his love of worship music this makes for some lengthy and complex discussions as he tries to make sense of the lyrics therein. In a similar vein, he doesn’t ‘get’ rhetorical questions. Yesterday in what was a great preach, Sarah (our minister) used a rhetorical question in a key moment of the sermon. The profound pause that was left after the question was posed was filled with H answering it, loudly and confidently.
One of the things that I love about our church is that he is such an accepted part of the community that Sarah thanked him and carried on, thus rather than crashing the sermon, H’s contribution was absorbed in.

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  1. H sounds like such a legend – I like the going-against-the-grain of it all & you have to laugh when people do go ahead & answer a rhetorical question – there is a certain humour to it which I admire & aspire!

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