Into the 2011

Self assessment?
New years Resolution?
Handy kick up the backside?
Well you decide what they are but here’s a list of stuff that I modify and post annually to apply to myself and youth ministry:

I will start organizing the Residential earlier, MUCH earlier

I will stop and ask why?

I will prioritise time for prayer, silence and worship

I will stop eating the tuck when setting up for youth group

I will spend some time with the teenager whose behaviour has been winding me up

I will ask for a proper budget AND report back on how I used it

I will review

I will plan how I can involve young people more fully in the programme and leadership

I will actively seek opportunities to learn

I will get around to renewing my out of date First Aid certificate

I will invest energy in the Line Management process.

I will book into the rather wonderful DEPTH 4 retreat in March

I will remember that I can only give out of what I have received, lived and journied

I will listen more (to young people, to God, to those on the margins and those I disagree with)

I will invest time in relationships with the church family

I will build, live and celebrate team

I will put time-out in the diary NOW not look for a space later

Here’s wishing you an adventure of a 2011; a life and ministry of passion, depth, challenge and childlike wonder!