Happy New Year

Happy New Year my friends. Hope Christmas and New year was a good time whatever it looked like for you. Every blessing for the adventure that 2011 will bring.
I’m back at the desk and already feeling a bit whelmed (note to self, never agree to speak on a trip in early January again) but also very excited about heading out to Switzerland on Friday. Today is going to see voracious tackling of the ‘to do’ list and I can at least tick the ‘post something on the blog’ entry off with a satisfying flourish.
suprised bhope.jpgI didn’t seem to have much energy at all over the break which turned out to be quite a blessing in fact as it led to much sleeping and reading (what’s not to love?). I am really enjoying “Suprised by Hope” by Tom Wright at the moment, but alongside such worthy reading I’ve also been ploughing through loads of thrillers … the highlights of which had to be the first two of the “Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” trilogy by Stieg Larsson. (All the reading has been via a Kindle app’ on the HTC phone which although borderline nerdy is also surprisingly good)
2011 looks like an exciting year as Bishops Council have fully backed my strategy for enabling work with teenagers in and through the Parishes. This means that I now have to deliver and there is much to be done before the first major event which is the “Mend the Gap’ day on June 18th.
And so, on with the adventure of 2011. I look forward to bumping into you for coffee along the way.