For the older worshipper

At the meeting I was at today we were talking about the average age of UK Church goers..
A 2008 report puts the average Anglican as 61 against a UK average age of around 40. (It’s not just the church that has an ageing demograph though with the average age of a Harley Davidson customer being 49. (I’m guessing too that there are a depressingly minimal number of Harley riding Anglicans, lol)
This evening I had to log onto the Scripture Union website to sign up for a holiday … and in doing so, enter my birth year. Amusingly given the above discourse, SU clearly cater for a wide wide demograph, with my choices for birth year beginning at 1753 (some 27 years before the birth of William Wordsworth and less than a hundred years after the publishing of the King James Bible). Bizarre
1753 and all that.jpg

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  1. Any statistics from the past with which we can compare this (admittedly sobering) number?
    And how has the average age of the UK population as a whole evolved over time? In other words, does the increasing age of church attendees correspond to wider population trends? Or do younger generations demonstrate an increasing, disproportionate disinterest in the church?

  2. Matt,
    The 2005 Church census put the average age of worshippers at 45 but noted that for the Anglicans the data showed an average age of 49. So on paper this is a huge increase in av age over 3 years HOWEVER it may not be comparable as I’m not how the figures were sourced, i.e one could be a snap shot of a morning service and one based on electoral role BUT I don’t know, I would however avoid using the two figures to arrive at a definite statistical increase.
    It is clear though that the average age is increasing and that the Church is better at engaging with those whose forming worldview is based in modernity than post modernity. Other organisations have similar challenges and ageing profiles BUT the Church is in the ‘business’ of haring a life changing faith with the next generation so we must ask ourselves some tough questions in this light.
    Also from the church stats in 2005 it is worth noting that from 1979 15- 19 year olds in the church fell by 68% whilst 75-84 year olds fell by only 6%

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