Der Eigerwand, Predicten und Mudigkeit

This afternoon I head out to Switzerland as the resident “minister” on a Ski Trip. I’m looking forward very much to seeing my beloved mountains and especially the foreboding but beautiful, North face of the Eiger.
I’m feeling a bit nervous, for two reasons:
1. The talks are not finished yet. I would love to have them all sewn up but the trouble is I see them more as a kind of dialogue so can’t fully write them until I’ve met the people (and because I want to ‘open source’ them so that people can input into the direction the next evenings talk will take). This creates a kind of stress but it’s the way I work, pray and think.
2. The fatigue thing. I’m still struggling with energy levels and I’m definitely anxious about being below par in for both the mountains and the ministry.

Despite the above I am really excited and can’t wait for the coach to be actually rolling out of Gerrards Cross and out towards mainland Europe.
So, no blogging for a week and I’ll probably not be on the Scrabble board. Catch up with you again on the 17th.

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