A possible Starbucks sub ‘tall’ serving

I received this e-mail today …. if anyone is going near a Starbucks can you test it out and confirm if it’s true:
“If you have ever found yourself with no alternative to a Starbucks on offer as a coffee shop and wondered why there smallest coffee size is “Tall” and is frankly larger and more expensive that you really wanted. Well the answer is that your musings would be based on an untrue premise. “Tall” is not the smallest measure of coffee officially on offer at Starbucks. If you ask for a “Short” Cappuccino, Latte or Americano etc the staff will look knowingly at each other and serve you a smaller drink and charge you a more modest price. It is an official measure available in their shops and they have a price list for it; it is just that they don’t advertise it.
I understand that it being a little bit secret makes it taste very slightly better….”

starbuck row.jpg

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  1. Useful article Si.
    The thing that annoys me is that I have asked in the past for the smallest coffee and have been served a ‘tall’ … at that point therefore it became dishonest on their part

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