Back on January 3rd

Christmas Greetings

A Merry Christmas dear friends! Thank you for your company over the course of 2011 on a journey in faith, youth ministry, life and humour. See you here in 2012
Every blessing

(and if your Christmas still needs a little more Muppetesque celebration, enjoy the 12 days)

Last day in the office

Having saved some annual leave up I get to go home this evening and not re-appear at the Diocesan Office until January. I feel very blessed to have such a chunk of time off, a very Cool Yule indeed.
A reminder that the Diocesan Youth and/or Childrens’ workers retreat is early in January (17th-18th/19th). If you are thinking of coming please let me know and book in. I look forward to catching up with those coming to the wonderful Douai Abbey.
I’ll also be going to SOULNET and am looking for chalet buddies!
Anyway, back to operation ‘Clear the Desk!’

Sing this Chrissy card list

Amy Dreemin
Arthur White
Chris Moss.
Jess Lykedee
Juan Swee
Hugh Sterno
Wendy Treetops-Glisten
Ann Deach
Hilda wren
Liz Tenn
“Two-Ears” Laybelle
Cindy Snow
christmas_tree_presents_lg_clr.gifEmma Drieming
Offa Wyte
Chris Muss-witt
Eva Ree
Kris Mascar
Dai Wright.
Mayor Daseby
Mary-Ann Bright
Anna-May Hall
Yorky Riss
Mrs B White

Barenaked for the Holidays

Worry ye not, I’m not advocating a naturist approach to Christmas, just flagging up the (IMHO) best ever Christmas Album: Barenaked for the holidays by the Barenaked Ladies.
I love it, it’s funny, moving, quirky, original (but includes some classics) and is musically phenomenal. Enjoy! (The link is to LastFM so you can even listen to it without handing over crinkly stuff)

Improv, foot jenga and socks

elvisthevicar.jpgI had a great time at a youth group last week who were having a kind of ‘Britain’s got X Factor’ Talent competition. I was one of the judges (eek) alongside the vicar (sporting the glasses here and the fine pair of lice ladders) and a lass from the Diocese.
It was a fabulous evening! There was a great sense of how much the young people were encouraged and valued at the group as I’ve never known such a great range of ‘acts’ ….. even improv comedy and Scottish dancing!! (with the young people as young as 11).
To complete the evening the leaders delivered their own act which they had spent weeks rehearsing, choreographing and costuming. Hilarious beyond belief and I will never hear Bucksfizz’s “Making Your MInd Up’ in the same way again.
Really fab to spend an evening with such a great church and the young people from the local community. #Ilovemyjob
Closer to home the teenagers here are a constant source of delight. Loved the Youth Carol Service …. particularly the shepherds out on the hillside washing their socks and hanging them up to dry as part of the unfolding nativity tableau.
Last night we were playing Giant Jenga … and the suggestion was made for ‘Foot Jenga’ instead. Rather than the normal 3 and 3 layout with spaces (as per giant jenga instuctions) the tower was made 4 on 4 with no spaces. Despite my skepticism about this working, it did … and was brilliant. The teens managing not only to remove bricks with their feet but to place them on the top. HILARIOUS!
No more youth groups want me until the new year now 🙁