More snow to come!

The forecast for Wednesday for Newbury and for Oxford is Heavy Snow!! That’ll be more or less a month to the day since the first of the snow hit, unbelievable.
Mind you someone sent me a picture of snow in Norway as a kind of reminder that ours here is just play snow!
snow in norway.jpg
Talking of snow, I watched the classic Lauberhorn (Ski) race from Wengen yesterday, am now pining for the mountains BIG TIME!
Oh and a great Snow related cartoon from the legendary doodleist Dave Walker!

Work with girls and young women conference

Youth & Policy Conference (details as follows)
Thinking Seriously …
About Youth Work and Work With Girls and Young Women
Hinsley Hall, Leeds 22nd – 23rd February 2010
£195 residential
The second of the biannual ‘Thinking Seriously’ conferences organized by ‘Youth and Policy’ is to focus on the subject of Work With Girls and Young Women.

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Royalty time

effectmintotweensrealsmall.jpgAmidst the tough stuff at the moment I’m pleased to announce some good news. The non tome-like booklet on Tweenagers that I demi-authored with CPAS legend Ruth Hassall is clearly still selling in large numbers! This morning I received my annual royalty cheque and am proudly holding a cheque for £14.56.
I will probably blow it all on Fishermans friends lozenges and other such excesses associated with my wild and crazy lifestyle.
I shall be claiming for the rest of the day that I am a writer (humour me in this)

This is where I am at

Greetings my fine friends out in blogville and beyond. This is a quick note to say that the blog here is a victim neither of the snow nor the recession; however circumstances conspire against any sort of meaningful (or even meaningless) wittering.
My wife and I both have one of our respective parents in hospital, one in Wales and one in Birmingham. The combination of work, family, driving and the weather conditions have not been conducive to fettling a few words into a blog friendly stanza or three.
I miss being able to sit down and blog, I especially miss the interaction,
(Pat, great news on your teams’ win last night!!) and look forward to re-grouping soon.

Youth work Jobs

1. Oakwood Youth Challenge is a Christian outdoor-pursuits centre that uses adventure activities to challenge local young people both as individuals and as teams. The adventure activities available include climbing, abseiling, mountain biking, mountain boarding, fencing, rifle shooting, archery, low ropes, high ropes and team building. In addition a stable-yard complex provides opportunities to learn animal care, horse riding and carriage driving. As a youth centre, Oakwood is a unique facility in the area and is entirely focussed on local youth, principally within a 5 mile radius.
They are expanding the very successful youth work that they do and need to recruit a youth worker/activity instructor! Contact me or the centre for more details.
2. CPAS are looking for someone with Youth ministry experience in the Ventures/Falcon camps team.
3. There will be other jobs coming up within the Oxford Diocese over the year so do be in touch if you’d like to be kept in the loop.

Nix Pix

snowwed in Jan 2010 ver2.jpgThe last time I saw snow like this is England was back in the day, when I were just a Lad in the Midlands. The Police are asking people not to drive, but the estate here is impassable anyway and I find myself snowed in for the second time in two weeks. This is a picture of the road at 08:30 this morning.
It’s a day of e-mails and writing for me by nature of the fact that ‘wherever I lay my laptop, that’s my office’ (tried to sing this in a Paul-Young-esque way but it wouldn’t scan). Hope you’re OK wherever you are and not urgently having to travel anywhere.

Torrential snow

I must not get distracted by e-mails
I must not get distracted by e-mails
I must not get distracted by e-mails
I must not get distracted by e-mails
I must not get distracted by e-mails
There is a question mark over a meeting I am due to attend and one of the delegates (resident of Hampshire) reported that they are forecast “torrential snow!” then posed the question, “Can you have torrential snow?
It was more than I could resist and I had to post a response (in which I may be correct or talking nonsense, the latter being more statistically likely)
To answer your (probably rhetoric) question: I’m not sure you can have torrential snow! Snow cannot really flow in a torrent (the meaning of ‘torrential’) by nature of the fact it is in flake or crystal form while falling. However snow that is avalanching behaves very much like water and anyone caught in one (that isn’t knocked over and out by the preceeding air blast) is advised to adopt a swim-like action in order to stay near the surface. Avalanching snow therefore could behave torrentially ….. but I think an avalanche is unlikely in Hampshire.
hampshire torrential snow.jpg
Meanwhile here in Oxford our piece of the MET OFFICE map has changed from orange (be aware) to Red (take action), eek! It is not clear what action one should take but given the heightened alert I am making sure I have the sledge and other alpine fun related equipment to hand. My jacket has a built in beacon so it, or in fact I, can be located beneath an avalanche ……. so if I do venture to the unstable snowy landscape of Winchester I have a fighting chance of surviving (assuming the PCSO’s are equipped with the relevant detectors and training)

2010 imperatives

I’m back! I’ve kind of got into the habit of not blogging but am now attempting to not be in the habit of not blogging, if you see what I mean. As is traditional on the blog I’m posting a handy tick list of ‘New year Resolutions’ for myself and other youth minister bretherin and sisterin. I’ve added in a couple more which may or may not be SPECIFICALLY for people I know, I also apologise if a couple of adverts have crept in.
ny res banner.jpg

I will start organizing the Residential earlier, MUCH earlier

I will stop and ask why?

I will put aside time to pray for the young people

I will stop eating the tuck when setting up for youth group

I will spend some time with the teenager whose behaviour has been winding me up

I will ask for a proper budget AND report back on how I used it

I will review

I will plan how I can involve young people more fully in the programme and leadership

I will actively seek opportunities to learn

I will get around to renewing my out of date First Aid certificate

I will invest energy in the Line Management process.

I will book into the rather wonderful DEPTH 3 retreat in February

I will work with young people in our church to access and use the Youth Evangelism Fund

I will listen more

I will invest time in relationships with the church family

I will build, live and celebrate team

I will put time-out in the diary NOW not look for a space later

Here’s wishing you an adventure of a 2010; a life and ministry of passion, depth, challenge and childlike wonder!