Whitemare before Christmas

ht to todays’ Sun Newspaper for the punning headline (I think ‘Whitemare’ might actually make it into general use) on this bitterly cold morning. Parts of the Diocese came close to minus 20 degrees last night which is really really extreme for the South, a relatively balmy minus 6 in Newbury by comparison.
snow plough pic decpost box.jpg
I’m heading up to the office in a while but watching the forecasts carefully for the return trip, there is snow forecast for south of the Ridgeway today and such is the traffic volume on the A34 that any incident can transform the dual carriage way to little more than a car park. (As it did over the weekend with a 5hr delay Oxford to M40 on Sunday)
My sympathy to all who are stuck at home, airports or out on the roads.
Captain’s Log Supplemental:
Car wouldn’t start, the battery was almost completely dead. Managed to jump start it and head up to Oxford. Once over the Ridgeway the temperature dropped majorly and the side roads looked increasingly grim. The A34 kept moving though with occasional patches of snow and ice intruding into one lane. When I came to turn off for Church House though it was truly scary and the entire slip road was snow and ice (with an outside temp of minus 10). I had a lorry behind me so was trying to work out how much I could safely slow up before committing the tyres to the slip road. Managed not to collect a lorry in the bumper and to not spin off on the exit, however the Church House Car Park was all snow and ice. I could not get any traction AND every time I tried the car stalled and it wouldn’t restart … necessitating a Jump start. Eventually gave up slithered back onto the A34 (even scarier moment) and headed south. Currently at ATS in Newbury waiting for a new battery to be fitted.

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  1. It was -12.5 yesterday & it took an hour & a half to get 6 miles. But that was much better than on Saturday….when we got stuck for 4 hours to get 2 miles down the M25 – you have to love the snow…but I prefer it to be mostly on mountains 😀

  2. Si, the M25 definitely sounds like a whitemare.
    Snow on mountains = good and I’m looking forward to seeing that (if snow doesn’t stop me getting there)
    Have a Cool Yule my friend

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