What goes around comes around

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I received this brilliant list of Christmas and Advent links from Dave at Guildford, who flagged up that Alice of Chelmsford had posted them. Then to complete the circle, I noticed some of the links were pointers to Youthblog *laughing!* So in a ‘the circle is now complete’ sort of a way, here they are.
But first a couple of pressies from me.
A Christmas in other languages quiz Christmas in othjer languages quiz.pdf
and a Christmas(esque) film quiz. christmas movie wall quiz.pdf Enjoy
and then the list ……………..
Christine Sine
Steve Taylor prayer station ideas
Christine Sine again with a meditation for first week of Advent, you can also find a link to her 2010 video which is always great
Christmas dramatised reading
More Advent ideas for prayer
Reflections for the 2nd week of Advent
Links here to a set of Advent images from Ben Bell
Alternative Advent resources – from last year so links may not all be active
Free resources from Barefoot – hope this is still valid
hilarious post on the most gruesome nativity sets!
Advent monologue scripts courtesy of Rob, OPM in Gillingham
UCCF video for Christmas shared by Phil Ritchie
Advent 3 reflection – My God is so small
Christine Sine again – Litany for the Homecoming of God
An amazing Biblical ‘poem’ from Rachel Marszalek
Silent Monks singing Hallelujah
The Christmas Narrative in Chocolate
3 session Resource guide on the Nativity
Jonny Baker links to advent prayers and liturgy
Links to a variety of readings for Christmas and Epiphany celebrations