Ski Preacher’s (re)quest

sermon quest ski.gif
I’m trying to get my head around the ski trip and particularly the evening ‘services!’ I am tasked with doing a ‘talk’ each night (although I’m more of a sit on the table and converse sort of a preacher), but am currently stumped as to the ‘what to explore’
My journal is stuffed full of ideas, themes, chunks of scripture and the like, all of which are currently engaging me. Even so I cannot pin down a theme or framework.
Ideally I want a coherent series where each ‘talk’ is so clearly themed that people can input into it that day (an attempt at ‘open sourcing’ the sermon) and makes for a useful, intelligent, reflective and real session that evening.
On the basis that lots of heads are better than one (particularly in this case) I’m opening it up to your communal creative genius ……..

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