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I need an opinion loyal blog reader(s).
Last night I called into Staples to buy a printer cartridge. They were more expensive than I normally pay BUT a helpful sales assistant pointed out that if I bought two I’d get a 20% discount. Happy days!
I duly selected a blue cartridge and a yellow cartridge, both for the Canon PIXMA mp560, and took them to the till where the 20% discount was not forthcoming. On querying this I was told that the discount only applied if they were the same colour AND the same ink for the same machine.
What ensued was a series of philosophical discussion up through the layers of branch seniority as to whether their sign communicated this, or whether I was in fact buying two of the same ink (in keeping with their advert). The entire branch personel remained fixed in their opinion that the sign and the offer meant the same colour of the same ink for the same machine.
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but I place myself into the hands of your collective wisdom. Does this sign suggest they could be of different colour or does it state that they need to be the same colour.
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  1. it does say the same ink – not cartridge. however, for customer service you would have thought they may bend the rules…oh well. I went to cartridge world to be told a refill was going to be 20 quid ! Just goes to show that printer ink really is the most expensive liquid on earth

  2. Roy,
    A good point but I specifically checked for small print. There wasn’t any, hence my interest in how you and fellow blog dwellers interpret the sign.
    This mis interesting for me as sales and ‘customer service’ are my other areas of training and experience, in the retail and field sales environment.
    Good Customer service is one of two USPs (unique selling points) that Retail has over online. When it fails to realise that it is in REAL trouble.
    I also wanted others opinion on the signage as I may be a little bit biased after I recently bought several packs of felt tips from Staples for a weekend event I was involved with …. but none of them worked and on returning them Staples did not, in my opinion, handle it very well.
    There is also the constant danger of turning into a grumpy old man so I rely on the bloggosphere to hold me accountable.

  3. I never have qulity problems with generic cartridges which are widely available online.I looked up the price for your Canon and they were only 99p – must be cheaper than Staples.
    I know your post is about a legal quandry this is just for future info.

  4. Stu,
    A fair point and maybe I am interpreting it wrong.
    Each of the cartridges though (the manufacturers maintain) need their special ink, their unique formula. So I was seeing it that they are the same ink but in different colours, but stand to be corrected.

  5. Les,
    Thanks for that and you are absolutely right.
    Had run out and hence why I went to the shop to replace it immediately.
    Will be ordering them online and being a bit more organised now 🙂

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