Lexidographical analysis

The training of our dog, Lexi (a process I call Lexidography) is progressing … and mainly in the right direction. On the whole she is very obedient and for the most part even not pulling on the lead (apparently this is quite a success with a Collie). However when off the lead, every so often she smells a pheasant/deer/fox/race-horse and a little neural switch in her brain goes into ‘bolt’ mode … and she is *woosh* gone.
On the plus side we are getting to know new people in our community when they ring us to say that they have a Collie with our phone number round her neck. Oh and the ‘Race horse’ reference above was not an exaggeration. If you were at Newbury races last week and wondered why there was a Collie competing in one of the races alongside the race horses ….. I might be able to tell you!
lexi dog.jpg
Lexi dog: cute, extremely fast and the cause of a few (more) grey hairs for me.

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