Woolhope Cockshoot

So Ian, What’s the news from the ‘Woolhope Cockshoot’ residential centre (the cool venue with the weird name) that you are “always going on about*”?
Well: There is now a Fire Door between the Kitchen and Lounges (responding to a full safety review we did at the trustees meeting) and the entrance lobby is freshly painted. I’ll post some photos when I visit in December.
We now have a new booking contact and number, see flyer for details.
Woolhope leaflet 2010
On the Geekery front: We are on the verge of having a dedicated web site for the centre so it won’t be piggybacking onto Youthblog as much, and Woolhope is now tweeting!! thus allowing you to get updates, availabilities and news via @woolhopecentre
woolhope side view web 300.jpg
*direct quote from Richard Passmore (he has a point)