Wiv da Yoof

I was out and about at a couple of youth groups over the weekend.
boltn penny.jpgOn Friday night I was leading a session somewhere in the middle of rural Buckinghamshire out beyond street lamps and phone signals.
We looked a bit at ‘Advent’ and ‘hope’ which provoked some interesting discussion. I showed the opening few minutes of Bolt, where the dog is unaware that it’s superhero identity and capabilities are in fact a film engineered fantasy. We then talked about Advent and Christmas being the reverse, in the midst of the mundane the season is a pointer to a greater reality, pivoted around the history-changing arrival of one child.
We had a real laugh making models of things that inspired or were a hope out of Playdoh! (Sobering moment too talking about the impact of university tuition fees which the thirteen and fourteen year olds were very aware of the impact for them.)
On Sunday night I was hanging out with the craziest bunch of older teens it’s my privilege to know. I wasn’t leading the session so was kicking back and observing a session on ‘But there isn’t time,’ which I enjoyed. The youth worker used a Snow Patrol track/video, ‘Chocolate‘ which was a powerful piece on the clarity of a particular moment in time (if I understand the song correctly).
A weekend framed by time with young people, fab!