Snow team

I’m speaking on a ski trip in January for the rather wonderful Gold Hill Holidays. This weekend was the team gathering and training event and so a great chance to catch up with drivers, ski instructors, cooks, holiday leaders and fellow ‘ministers’ ahead of the season. It was great catching up with old friends and especially several of the instructors who I first met when they came on the youth trip as teenagers a goodly number of years ago and are now qualified instructors and on team, fab!
On Saturday afternoon we trucked over to Hemel Hempstead to the Snow Centre. Skiing indoors is a REALLY odd experience but kinda cool too. Not a patch on the Alps (duh!) but a million miles better than the barabaric and dangerous dry ski slopes that were previously the only option.
snow centre pic.jpg
I’m really really excited about the trip (Can’t wait to see the Eiger again). There’s a few spaces on my trip (LMJ11) or others if you want to hit the slopes proper. If not, see you at Hemel!