The Sheffield Consultation

I have been invited to take part in this event in Sheffield next year. I’m delighted to be attending as I agree with Mark Russell about young people being the most pressing issue for the church …. and furthermore this conversation is very much in keeping with the strategic work I have been asked to do within the Oxford Diocese.
“On March 3, 2011, Church Army – working alongside the Archbishop of York’s Youth Trust – will host a major gathering of young people and Bishops in Sheffield. The event will provide a unique opportunity for our Bishops to hear directly from young people and youth leaders. The Archbishops of Canterbury and York have given the event their full support and have confirmed they will attend”

The day after the weekend before

in the Church Times article last week I’m quoted as saying, “You are never too old for Youth work ….. it just takes longer to recover!” I am the embodiment of that quote today, it was a FANTASTIC youth residential at Legge House but man am I tired.
I was there as a volunteer member of the team and chiefly in the role as Minibus Pilot (THE nicest minibus I have EVER driven and that’s saying something as my Minibus finding algorithm has yielded some nice machines in the past). Other than driving I also lead a session on ‘Story’ and spend a very happy chunk of Saturday afternoon hiding in a wood as part of a ‘Wide Game’ and distributing swords in exchange for certain pieces of information. As ever though it was just hanging out with the young people that was the best bit, it was a real privilege to spend time with them.
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