Torturous recalls

Loving this cartoon from Dave, or at least loving the painful accuracy of it. Thankfully I seem to be providing less incidents for ‘the library’ these days but right up into thirties I used to have flashbacks to embarrassing and/or cringe-worthy things I had done during my adolescence. I’ve never found a term for this emotional post traumatic stress disorder but maybe the cartoon will help in part to define the experience.
Find more cartoons you can freely re-use on your blog at We Blog Cartoons.

PS: There is help available! Tetris therapy
PPS: I have friends from my teenage years who read this blog from time to time. I’d just like to clarify that you are forbidden from posting examples of said traumas, especially you Stuart Hunnenheizungmeister!!!

Life imitates art

Our family televisual humourous viewing of choice at the moment is “Home Improvement“, with the half hour gathering around the laptop becoming a real fixture of the evenings I am at home.
workshop grinder.jpg
I’m currently sitting in Shed numero uno (the Workshop) where I now have a bench grinder on the desk (oh yeah) and wondering whether my love of Home Improvment is because it’s (for me) a bit of art imitating life, or if my sheddiness is life imitating art. Either way, Tool Time Tim is genius and the source of much collective humour in our house.
home improvement.jpgI particularly enjoy Wilson, the vendor of philosophical wisdom from the other side of the fence …. and the confused re-telling that Tim then produces. For example: Wilson explaining that opposites attracting is a Paradox which is in itself not a bad thing, which Tim reproduces in a conversation with his wife as, “we are a pair of ducks … and that’s not a bad thing!”
I have concluded though that I am, in part at least, Tool Time Tim! (which is making me a little nervous about an imminent trip onto the roof of the Workshop to resolve a leak)

BA Mission and Young People

sm_ripon_quad.jpgGreetings fellow sojourners at Holy Hogwarts this week! As promised the Powerpoint:
Microsoft PowerPoint – Mission and Young people BA residential.pdf
Here also is a Powerpoint that outlines some of Richard Passmores’ thinking (as per the case study) and you’ll find his blog here.
The Slides from Yvonne can be downloaded here: Microsoft PowerPoint – BA Mission Mind the Gap.pdf
The Book List can be downloaded here: Booklist.doc
(Oh and the essay apparently should be [quote] “about 3000 words if it is covering everything”)

Tweenagers in Guildford

tweens guildford.jpgIf you are calling in to the blog as a result of the training day in Guildford on Saturday, Welcome! (and thanks for making it such a fun time). As promised some links and reminders of what we covered:
A pdf of the Powerpoint slides is available for Download: Microsoft PowerPoint – tween powerpoint 2010 for Guildford.pdf
For a fuller explanation of what I was presenting though you’ll need to read the booklet I demi-authored 🙂
Among the things recommended were:
Throw and tell Balls: Available from your local Christian bookshop
The Energize resource from Urban Saints
Suggested Homework
Watch School of Rock with the following questions in mind:
1. Where is our approach like the school, where is it like Dewey’s (Mr Schneebly)?
2. How does Dewey engage and enable the young people?
3. How does Dewey share his passion and allow others to experience and participate in this?
4. What from the film would you critique and what would you absorb for your approach?

We also talked quite a bit about discussion and here is a link to some methods which may give you some methodologies to play with.
Hope you have fun working with your tweens, remember it’s a B.L.A.S.T 🙂

Any other questions that you have please e-mail me (address on the right hand column), leave a question in the comments or type a key word into the ‘Search’ (also to the right)


I think the Advertising Standards Authority must be having their annual week off. I passed a lorry bearing an ad’ for a Van this week that stated
“Breakfast in Bedford
Dinner in Dijon
Tea in Toronto”

This is quite a claim. A 6am start and a constant 94mph with no check in time for the Ferry (and no hold ups) would make lunch just about possible. However the next leg in 6 hours (or I’ll graciously allow 11 hours as the time is 5 hours behind ours) would be really testing the capabilities of the van given that it’s a few hundred miles to a major Atlantic port, a 3000 mile ocean crossing and then another 550 miles from New York in time for tea in Toronto.
I’m also amused by this advert that I came across today for a Radio controlled toy tank that claims to ‘fires real bullets’ although I think the presence of an exclamation mark is meant to signify ‘not really’
tank bullets.jpg

Youthwork Update

youth work update snap oct10.jpgThe latest Youthwork Update has been sent to the highways, byways and cluttered clergy desks of the Diocese.
If by any chance you would like to see it then you can click here and I’ll drop a copy into the internet (we have drilled a hole into it from here ) and it should appear on your screen.
It’s mostly stuff that has appeared on the blog so you’ll probably experience Deja vu (again!) if you read it.