Snow team

I’m speaking on a ski trip in January for the rather wonderful Gold Hill Holidays. This weekend was the team gathering and training event and so a great chance to catch up with drivers, ski instructors, cooks, holiday leaders and fellow ‘ministers’ ahead of the season. It was great catching up with old friends and especially several of the instructors who I first met when they came on the youth trip as teenagers a goodly number of years ago and are now qualified instructors and on team, fab!
On Saturday afternoon we trucked over to Hemel Hempstead to the Snow Centre. Skiing indoors is a REALLY odd experience but kinda cool too. Not a patch on the Alps (duh!) but a million miles better than the barabaric and dangerous dry ski slopes that were previously the only option.
snow centre pic.jpg
I’m really really excited about the trip (Can’t wait to see the Eiger again). There’s a few spaces on my trip (LMJ11) or others if you want to hit the slopes proper. If not, see you at Hemel!

Milk with the West Factor

This is literally … kind of cheesy but could be the novelty Christmas number one! If this happens there is a serious irony in an X factor hosted advert keeping the X factor winner off the number one spot. It’s a strange old world but it does bring a different kind of culture to yoghurt, and a song with Massey Ferguesson in is bound to a tractor lot of attention!

(I’d love to hear it with more of a West country accent though …. I reckon that would have been way way cooler)


I’m giving new browser on the block, Rockmelt a go and seeing if it offers significant advantages. So far so good! It’s Chrome fast and brings together Twitter, Facebook and feeds together really well into one tidy portal.
(Anyone know what the privacy/security implications are?)
I’ll let you know how it goes, shout if you want an invite
ht to Andrew

Woolhope Cockshoot

So Ian, What’s the news from the ‘Woolhope Cockshoot’ residential centre (the cool venue with the weird name) that you are “always going on about*”?
Well: There is now a Fire Door between the Kitchen and Lounges (responding to a full safety review we did at the trustees meeting) and the entrance lobby is freshly painted. I’ll post some photos when I visit in December.
We now have a new booking contact and number, see flyer for details.
Woolhope leaflet 2010
On the Geekery front: We are on the verge of having a dedicated web site for the centre so it won’t be piggybacking onto Youthblog as much, and Woolhope is now tweeting!! thus allowing you to get updates, availabilities and news via @woolhopecentre
woolhope side view web 300.jpg
*direct quote from Richard Passmore (he has a point)

Youth Club games equipment

I’ve had a friendly e-mail from a Director of Liberty games regarding Youth Club Games equipment and I thought I’d flag it up. So if you’re in the Market for Pool, Air hockey or the like …. have a look!
(I wonder though! Given that the LibCon Gov’t are making massive cuts to Youth funding and provision I’m not sure Liberty’s use of Cameron is going to be the most successful piece of advertising to the Youth work world)

Buried Spirituality

In training on young people, spirituality and culture I refer often to Phil Rankins work on young people’s spirituality that Sarum published as, “Buried Spirituality” The trouble with this is that copies of this document are now rarer than hens teeth and I have to use Securicor to transport my copy to and from training. You think I exagerate!!! (me?) well have a look at the price its up for on Amazon:
buried spirituality preowned.jpg
£76! Unbelievable. Well the first thing to note is that I’m not tied to the harsh commercial world of online retailers being the grace fuelled Disciple that I am …. and I would be prepared to let you have my copy for a measly £74 ono 🙂
If however you are genuinely doing some writing/research then I have contacts in the murky underbelly of Christian publishing and could probably secure you a copy of the report.