Life imitates art

Our family televisual humourous viewing of choice at the moment is “Home Improvement“, with the half hour gathering around the laptop becoming a real fixture of the evenings I am at home.
workshop grinder.jpg
I’m currently sitting in Shed numero uno (the Workshop) where I now have a bench grinder on the desk (oh yeah) and wondering whether my love of Home Improvment is because it’s (for me) a bit of art imitating life, or if my sheddiness is life imitating art. Either way, Tool Time Tim is genius and the source of much collective humour in our house.
home improvement.jpgI particularly enjoy Wilson, the vendor of philosophical wisdom from the other side of the fence …. and the confused re-telling that Tim then produces. For example: Wilson explaining that opposites attracting is a Paradox which is in itself not a bad thing, which Tim reproduces in a conversation with his wife as, “we are a pair of ducks … and that’s not a bad thing!”
I have concluded though that I am, in part at least, Tool Time Tim! (which is making me a little nervous about an imminent trip onto the roof of the Workshop to resolve a leak)

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  1. I have to admit I have wondered about at Tim the Tool Man Macdonald abotu you in your shed building deck making posts!
    Hope you were careful on the roof – M used to freak me out by climbing on our shed!

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