Generation Y

Excellent session with Dr Graeme Codrington last night on generational characteristics which I’ll write up later. Ahead of that though I wanted to point to his theory that ‘Generation Y’ were not named this necessarily as a sequential label to follow Gen X, but there may be another reason.

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  1. would be interested in your write up for gen y, don’t want you becoming my private secretary though??????? also worth reading the mayo’s and sally nash book on this issue as well released and published earlier this year.

  2. Andy,
    I’ve read the Mayo book, faith of gen y but it is not an easy book to write up given there isn’t a central thesis and that there is a lot in the book.
    I’m still processing a lot of the stuff but in broad terms Mayo flags up the culture and some of the assumptions and problems, The Creasy Dean has a lot to offer in response.
    Aspects of Mayos book diverge from Rankins book, “Buried Spirituality” perhaps because Mayos sample had some sort of christian connection.
    I have much to muse on BUT hope to have a report on your desk soon sir

  3. I thought the same, Ian, about Mayo vs Rankin. Rankin seemed somewhat more hopeful, however. Just got Almost Christian (finally!) and looking forward to getting my teeth into it.
    The best and most helpful chapters in Mayo et al were Graham Cray’s, imho.

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