Formative formal fellows

Today on the blog, a rare foray into the world of Formal Education. Ricky is asking for stories of teachers that made a lasting and positive impression on us (particularly from secondary school) for a conference he is organising.
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Ricky suggests these as examples of the stories he is looking for:
“perhaps you can think of a member of staff who has had a lasting impact on you: a teacher, dinner lady, secretary, caretaker, or librarian…
maybe there’s a specific incident you can recall from your school day where you were inspired by an individual…
or have you kept in contact with one of your former teachers, and become friends over time…”

I’m casting my mind back to the Darwinian struggle to retain some sort of identity and self worth that was called secondary school ….. and want to salute Miss Archer who was an inspiration.
Anyway: Your stories can be left here at this blog, over at Ricky’s blog or e-mailed to him.

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  1. I had a form tutor at secondary school who also taught me German. She has made a lasting impact on me for many reasons and we are still in touch, meeting up regularly for coffee etc. The reason she made a lasting impact on me was actually nothing to do with her educating but rather to do with her care for the pupil. As we now know, education and care go hand in hand and teachers should do both. (Every Child Matters Agenda) However, when I was at school this was not so prevalent and therefore, this teacher stood out. It was so important for me as a pupil to know that someone cared about me as an individual in terms of my welfare and well being as well as educating me in German! She took time to chat to me about home, things I enjoyed doing and really got to know me well and help me where neeeded in these areas. FAB! Wouldnt be where I am today if it wasnt for her and this intervention.

  2. Oh…. and partly because of her I am now training to be a teacher myself! After being in church youth work for a while I feel called to schools.

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