Buried Spirituality

In training on young people, spirituality and culture I refer often to Phil Rankins work on young people’s spirituality that Sarum published as, “Buried Spirituality” The trouble with this is that copies of this document are now rarer than hens teeth and I have to use Securicor to transport my copy to and from training. You think I exagerate!!! (me?) well have a look at the price its up for on Amazon:
buried spirituality preowned.jpg
£76! Unbelievable. Well the first thing to note is that I’m not tied to the harsh commercial world of online retailers being the grace fuelled Disciple that I am …. and I would be prepared to let you have my copy for a measly £74 ono 🙂
If however you are genuinely doing some writing/research then I have contacts in the murky underbelly of Christian publishing and could probably secure you a copy of the report.

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  1. I am doing a research project for my BA Hons Youth and Community Development around youth workers and how equipped they feel in communicating with young people regarding their spirituality.
    I came across thie book ‘Buried Spirituality, and have tried to find a copy without success….I would be REEEEALY grateful if you could help me 😀
    p.s. HOWEVER…I cant pay anywhere near £74 ,,,sorry 🙁

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