BA Mission and Young People

sm_ripon_quad.jpgGreetings fellow sojourners at Holy Hogwarts this week! As promised the Powerpoint:
Microsoft PowerPoint – Mission and Young people BA residential.pdf
Here also is a Powerpoint that outlines some of Richard Passmores’ thinking (as per the case study) and you’ll find his blog here.
The Slides from Yvonne can be downloaded here: Microsoft PowerPoint – BA Mission Mind the Gap.pdf
The Book List can be downloaded here: Booklist.doc
(Oh and the essay apparently should be [quote] “about 3000 words if it is covering everything”)

3 Replies to “BA Mission and Young People”

  1. Thanks for the last few days. They were really interesting and have been chatting over things with my wife already.

  2. Thanks so much Ian, Yvonne and Michael. Having set out with the ambitious aim of an essay, the horizon was considerably widened to extra-academic proportions – even real life (discuss!).
    All the very best,

  3. I got here in the end. Sorry I wasn’t able to attend the course – much to my considerable regret.
    Thanks for these materials; time for some ‘home schooling’ for Cloakey!

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