I think the Advertising Standards Authority must be having their annual week off. I passed a lorry bearing an ad’ for a Van this week that stated
“Breakfast in Bedford
Dinner in Dijon
Tea in Toronto”

This is quite a claim. A 6am start and a constant 94mph with no check in time for the Ferry (and no hold ups) would make lunch just about possible. However the next leg in 6 hours (or I’ll graciously allow 11 hours as the time is 5 hours behind ours) would be really testing the capabilities of the van given that it’s a few hundred miles to a major Atlantic port, a 3000 mile ocean crossing and then another 550 miles from New York in time for tea in Toronto.
I’m also amused by this advert that I came across today for a Radio controlled toy tank that claims to ‘fires real bullets’ although I think the presence of an exclamation mark is meant to signify ‘not really’
tank bullets.jpg