Unviversal constants in the Residential Paradigm

I’m off on a Youthwork residential tomorrow night and it would be a safe bet to say, it will be Spag Bol’ to eat on the first night! This is some sort of unwritten law of residentials and exists as a universal constant to rank alongside Planck, the speed of light and toast landing butter side down.
spag bol.jpg
Given that most Youth work is rather more Hesienberg than Planck, this discovery of a universal constant within the Residential paradigm could be really important. So, are there others? That is, are there things that happen or exist on a residential that are theoretically subject to choice and possibility but in practice always stay the same?
I may just have had too much coffee (ooh there’s another pre-requisite of the residential) but the idea is amusing me! Have a think, make a comment and help the blog morph into a critical portal for parascience! Over to you …..