serendipity realtionships.jpgHaving already delved into the arena of nostalgia in the last 7 days with my harking back to the ‘Fat and Frantic’ days I guess another nod to the past is inevitable. On Friday I was clearing out a cupboard at Church House ahead of some building work and came across a pile of ‘Serendipity’ resources. These little booklets (a leader edition and a ‘student’ work book) were perhaps my first real introduction to ‘Group work’ (then, I should add, as a group member not a facilitator) and were a staple of our meetings at the ‘Homecoming’ youth group. Whilst the covers are VERY dated I was pleasantly surprised to revisit the content and find it was pretty good. Although a little leading in some places it did allow for genuine listening and engagement and clearly was more formative in my practice than I’d realised.
This serendipitous find was even more apt as on Saturday one of my old Youth Leaders’ was celebrating his 60th birthday and we were invited to a lunch, where in fact all the members of the youth work team that coped worked with me were gathered. Nostalgia eh? …. not what it used to be
On a final (I promise) retro-spot for the week, is there anyone else out there who was taken to the ‘Earth Invaders’ evangelism events back (way back) in the day?

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