On being quoted

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I’ve been quoted in an article on youth work in the Church Times and I’m finding it quite amusing to see the stuff I say written down, weird!
A lovely lady phoned me a week or so ago and I delivered about half an hour of stream-of-consciousness musing on Youth work and especially employed Christian youth work in the UK. Some of this has been taken down in evidence and used! Amongst other things I was asked about adolescence and in my response I used a idea I’d picked up from somewhere to describe the intensity of this stage and age …. as “the human condition on steroids” This appears as a quote attributed to me which was not my intention so I’d like to apologise to the originator.
I’m pleased with the article though and I like the fact that I got to participate in a piece that involved Dr Sarah Brush (former blogger), Dr Nick Shepherd and Chris Curtis.

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  1. OOOh not seen it – I hope i made sense! Similarly I had a lovely chat with the lady on the phone and can’t really remember all the things we talked about!

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