Mission (Im)possible session

mission possible.jpg
I was asked to lead a youth session last night entitled “Being a Missionary in your own land!” So I can find it again and in case it’s useful I’ll scribble the rough outline here.
The aim was to explore a bigger view of what mission (and hence purpose) might mean day to day in our lives … and to arrive at a more ‘owned’ and articulated idea of what this is.
We started with some worship, a reminder that mission is rooted in and through the work of the Spirit, and in our own relationship/encounter with God. We then explored the idea that we have a mission (Youtube clip of ‘Mission Impossible‘), a calling and that this was bigger more all encompassing that just a narrow view of proclamation evangelism. (At this point we had a bit of a laugh at the Youtube clip of the evangelism Linebacker) The slide with the graifiti’d question was done via Atom Smasher.
mission question.jpg
I then encouraged everyone to grab a Bible and dig out stuff that informed our mission and purpose. Some really good stuff came out of that and we were able to look at whether we were reading stuff into the text or really looking at what it had to say, also the difference between God’s general will (for all of us) and his specific will (related to our particular gifts/opportunities).
The teenagers then got into groups to work on a mandate for our mission impossible in our own land, place, town. We then had a session reporting back (a good chance to be cliche busting and to be asking, ‘yes but what does that actually mean?’) before everyone went and found some space to write a kind of mission statement that would answer the question, ‘what is it you do as a christian?’, finally a few of the teens read theirs out.