Marvin the Platinoid Android

desire phone pic.jpgMy inner nerd has exerted itself and talked me into upgrading to a smart phone, specifically an HTC Desire. The non geeky bit of me wasn’t initially convinced about the whole ‘smart’ touch-screen thing for a phone but I have to admit now I think it is the wasps nipples*
I initially wanted an i-phone but not being a Mac owner and probably not being cool enough were definite barriers. A bit of research online though revealed that the HTC was gaining rave reviews …. and even tempting previous i-phone devotees to switch to Android world.
A phone call to Vodafone at around 6pm in the evening resulted in the HTC being on my desk the next morning (quite impressive I thought) and looking shinely cool in a ‘one ring to rule them all’ sort of a way!
Zapping all my contacts over from the Sony Ericsson was a piece of cake via my Google account, the phone then synch’d these with FB resulting in a picture of my friends alongside their phone number, nice touch! An impressive array on on-board apps were already available and I was further pleasantly surprised to log onto the App’ store and find how many were available at no cost. NIV Bible and Google translator being the first two grabs.
The internet functionality is superb and although I am not overly enamoured with the ‘touch’ keyboard, the voice search works extremely well. There are a number of swipe keyboards available from the App’ store that claim to be much faster and I’ll probably buy one of these.
The only other downsides I can find is that when everything is fired up and it is trying to calculate the meaning of ‘Life, the universe and Everything’ it chews battery, and there are some concerns about Android data collection and security.
It does loads of other stuff that I won’t bore you with but for those who know me, rest assured that I still have ‘Ski Sunday‘ as my ring tone. As it is an android system it is perhaps inevitable that my phone will be referred to as as Marvin.
* ala the ‘Bees Knees’ but implying more impressiveness still

6 Replies to “Marvin the Platinoid Android”

  1. It makes my choice of handset look really bad… a Blackberry.
    However, I have heard the best retort to iphone evangelists… “ok, you own a great phone, but you did not invent it!”

  2. I’ve been running Andriod for the past year (HTC G2) & have never had a better phone & would recommend that O/S to anyone. iPhones are OK, but break too easily & have teh flimsiest warranty I have ever heard of! The Desire is equal to the iPhone in terms of power etc. & is certainly the fastest phone I’ve ever seen – an excellent choice Mr Youthblog!

  3. so techi youthbloggy man, is there any form of screen reader on the htc? i’ve been told, and have encountered the screen reader voice on the iphone, and it does seem to work ok, but obviously, touch screen? really? as a cool, blidn youth worker, well, youth worker anyway, i’m always intersted in being as afficient in my work as poss, so wondered about these android and iphone touch screennonsense, thoughts and advice please?

  4. Andy,
    Greetings. In truth I have no idea but in my experience the interface needs accurate touch and hence being able to scope exactly what is going on.
    You can download a screen reader but I think you’d want to experience how the screen interface then worked. The way mine is set up you are talking about subtle swipes and accurate pointing to work it, the reader would have to work with a much modified version methinks.

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