Lars and the real girl

I watched an extraordinary film at the weekend, Lars and the real Girl.
lars and the real.jpg
Lars is a gentle and quirky loner living in a Garage-house next to his brother and sister-in-law in a small non-descript town. He works, he comes home …. and apart from Church he pretty much avoids contact with people. He is however well liked by the community, a community that knows something of the pain and isolation of his childhood.
Lars, to everyone’s surprise though finds a girlfriend; but she is in fact a life sized doll that Lars delusionally believes to be real. Bianca (as Lars introduces her) is clearly helping Lars, and so the stage is set for whether the community can welcome and accommodate Bianca.
What results is a touching, incredible story with warmth, depth and gloriously funny moments. A superbly acted, wonderfully directed redemptive story. I love this film.
In terms of post film discussion, the themes of love, community and acceptance are HUGE, and that loving those who are different is both challenging and healing.

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  1. glad you enjoyed it – i agree one of the best and funniest films i’ve seen on church and community engagement… albeit in a slightly odd way!

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