Insurance renewal

astra gren.jpgI had the insurance renewal through today for my beloved camping-gas powered Astra. As I am a ‘business user’ my insurance premium’s tend to be higher but even so I was gob-smacked by the figure that Direct Line were quoting. I’ve been a customer for years and renewal tends to be automatic but thankfully I was off ill today and had time to digest the figures.
In total including breakdown cover, protected no claim and legal protection; ‘Direct Line’ wanted £950.25 (and I have over 9 years no claims). Worse still it was going to automatically be renewed by monthly direct debit which incurs an interest rate charge meaning the total payable would have been £1045.28
A quick web search and one phone call has got me the same package for £377, nearly £700 cheaper than Direct Line, which should be a help to keep me on the right side of my flirting with the overdraft.
ht to Go Compare web site, hello to One Call insurance

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