Enterprising but inconsistent

There isn’t a Haynes Manual for my van! The ubiquitous and very cool T4 in all its guises is uncatered for by the bible of DIY home mechanics, the Haynes Manual. This is hard to believe so I looked out a dealer in VW vannage literature who said that Haynes position was that the T4 was too complex for the home mechanic.
enterprise manual.jpgI was prepared to accept this, that is until today when I discover the existence of this, the Haynes Manual of the Starship Enterprise. So I’m just blogging a plea for some consistency here, believing as I do that warp drive and teleport are a little more complex than any systems you will find in a 1991 Vdub van. This is born out by this article on how the warp engines ‘actually work’
Looking on the bright side though it does mean that although I will not have the Haynes know-how to repair the crude lump of a 1900 diesel, I can replace it with a warp drive.
(We once, and only once, hit 74mph on an unrestricted section of the German Autobahn, so multiples of light speed could be very exciting indeed … and may require an upgrade to the brakes)
Happy days.
Captains log supplemental: Just noticed it’s subtitled “the owners workshop manual!” Given that even a poorly maintained 2nd hand Enterprise is going to be £1.7billion (minimum), an owner can probably afford a mechanic me thinks!

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  1. Dave,
    Unfortunately not, though thanks for the pointer. I’m going to sound like a real nerd here but that is the T25 not the T4. Haynes cover the T2s and T25s and thus all of the rear engined models. 1990 though saw the introduction of the T4, their first van with the engine up front …. and mine is an early example of one of those. This is the best manual available but its nowhere near as good as the Haynes http://www.amazon.co.uk/VW-Transporter-Petrol-Diesel-1990-1995/dp/185520374X/ref=sr_1_3?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1288348825&sr=1-3 although I suspect you would approve as it is illustrated with pencil sketches.

  2. Dave you are a legend
    Does make me wonder (in an experimental Physics sort of a way) that if nerd and anti-nerd were in the same room whether the result would be a net amount of nerdiness tending to zero, or a catastrophic explosion.

  3. Actually it says “Owners’ Workshop Manual” the position of the apostrophe indicating that each starship could have many owners who have all clubbed together to buy one – so maybe they don’t each need to be quite that rich.

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