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At the Vertigo event on Saturday night we broke into discussion groups after the talk and I was facilitating one of these. I had a very quiet bunch of teens and brokering discussion when you’ve not got the relationship or had time to build trust is never going to be easy. Having said that though it turned out to be a great time. We did a little bit of barrier breaking and worked through some questions, there were silences but I expected that and there were some great comments and great listening from everyone.
Got me to thinking about the methodologies that Brian, Jacob and myself had been playing with as well as some other recent links that I have found (or been pointed to):
discussover tea.jpg
1. Nine tips for asking questions at the ‘Cathechists Journey‘ ht to Ben
2. In an article on ‘appreciative enquiry’ I was reading recently I came across the term “generative questions,” these are questions that were focused on storytelling and the essence of the stories in order to explore feeling as well as fact.
I liked the idea of generative questions as I come across a lot of small group and Bible study that unintentionally limits itself to the intellectual.
3. A whole article (that I want to be able to find again) on the power of questions
thought questions.jpg
4. This site found via Chris called “Thought Questions!” It’s a series of photographs onto which is added a question, the site believing as it states that “asking the right question is the answer” Again a useful site that I want to be able to find again.

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